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On this site you will find some of my programs written for the PSION organizers I own and intensively use. I started with the Series 3a in 1997, and bought a Series 5 in 1999. With the MAKO, a rebadged US clone of the REVO plus and a recently obtained netBook (or actually a Malaysian Mbook), I have now four PSION PDA´s.

BIKLOG written for the SERIES 3, SERIES 5 and Revo/Mako, is a small utility that will help bicyclist keep track of their bicycle rides and analyse their performance over a certain time. It started as an exercise on the programming capabitities of this neat machine. It grew to a more complete program in the 5 years of development, combining two of my hobbies bicycling and computing. See also here for some screenshots of Biklog

ATMOS is just a small tool I am using as part of my professional activities as an aeronautical engineer. It computes the properties of the standard atmosphere.

SAILLOG is a small utility primarily intended to track your personal sailing experience, based on the Royal Yachting Asscociation´s paper logbooks and qualification requirements. If you own your own boat, SAILLOG will also allow you to log the cumulative miles and engine hours of your boat, and gives you a reminder when service intervals arise. If you charter your boat to a third party, these details can also be logged in the vessel record without affecting your personal sailing totals.

All programs are freeware and can be obtained by filling a form here . When you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact me by e-mail.