Summary: My Freeware bicycling log software for the Psion

BIKLOG is a program made for bicyclists who like to keep track of their bicycle rides during time. It is not meant to be used during the ride as a cycle computer but as an extension of it to store the cycle computer data and other data and as a tool to analyse the bicycle rides over time. 

There are two versions , Biklog3 for the series 3x and Biklog5 for the Series 5 and Revo (Plus)/Mako. The last version is also suited for the Series 7 or netBook, but only in the last version 3.2 the colour capabilities of these last two machines has been fully implemented. Both versions has provisions for up to 4 different bicycles and up to 5 ride evenements. 

With some renaming of the definitions of the type of bicycles used and riding type, it may be used even for thriathletes by renaming the bicycle names in "swimming", "biking", and "running" and adapting the bicycle ride names into appropriate terms like "training", "race", "intervals" etc. 


menu structure of BIKLOG5 

    • Perfect for bicyclists, touring or racing with multiple bicycles and ride types 8:)
    • Tabular output in long or short format

table structure of BIKLOG5 

    • Statistics per bicycle, ride and time period.

statistics in BIKLOG5 

    • Different type of plots possible of several parameters per bicycle, all bicycles and time interval (day, week or month]

graphs in BIKLOG5 

    • Besides the basic features like adding, editing, sorting and deleting, it has also additional options like forecasing and an internal editing mode for diary-type annotations.

other properties of BIKLOG5 

  • And it is Freeware!

Biklog5 (V3.2) for the Psion 5 and Revo has the same features as Biklog3 plus:

  1. SI units or Imperial units
  2. last file remembered
  3. Zooming possible in TABLE mode
  4. Statistics of current file directly visible on main screen
  5. adaptation to REVO and Series 7/netBook screen size
  6. Preferences stored in separate configuration file.
  7. More statistics: km or miles per month and bicycle type (improved!)
  8. More graphical output : total, mean and cumulative time or distance, and average speed
  9. Graphical output now also for different bicycle events and other fields
  10. Setting Goals in terms of number of km (or mi) ridden and number of rides
  11. Filtering on bicycle types and on time periods possible in tabular/graphical and statistical output (improved!)
  12. printing of tabular, graphical and statistical output, look here for an example printout (PDF document)
  13. zooming capabilities in TABLE output
  14. export and import of data to or from text file
  15. forecasting of number of rides and Km/Mi ridden at end of year
  16. diary editing mode for longer annotations at ride events
  17. 7 more fields available: starting time, condition of ride + 4 real and 1 logical fields to be defined by user
  18. englishmultiple languages: English, Dutch , German and French !
  19. Colour graphs and icons available for Series 7/netBook machines!(NEW in 3.2!)



Future improvements: 
  • additional table for maintenance expenses (option)



Thanks to: Neil K Bee for the use of some of his icons, Damien Lewis of PocketIQ for his IQGRID module, Twiddlebit for the gprinter.opx, Martin Zeddies and Phillipe Bricka for respectively the German and French translations, and all the customers of BIKLOG3 and BIKLOG5, giving me suggestions for improvements.